Top Ten Technical Drawing Software

Technical drawing software products can help you build plans designed to visually communicate the construction or function of a particular object. A drafting technician designs these illustrations using technical standards that are commonly known conventions among other designers. As for the drawing programs, there are thousands available in the market. Some of them are free while others are sold with varied price tags.

In most cases, the more advanced the technical drawing software is, the more it costs. Thus, the free software versions are decent alternatives to those expensive ones. While they can never replace the features of those versions that are sold, they are generally practical and useful. Here are the top ten technical drawing software models that you can choose from.

1.) The Gimp 2.2.13 This software is suitable for tasks that involve image composition, image authoring, and photo retouching. This software has the capabilities that are not common among any other free software.

2.) Picasa 2.7 This is an easy to use product that has the capacity to share, print, find, transfer, organize, and edit images. This software will arrange your photos within elegant albums based on the uploading date. Having all photos placed in one organized album means you can save time and energy.

3.) Paint.NET 3.08 This software is designed for computers with Windows operating system. It is a free photo editing and manipulation software designed to perform various functions.

4.) ColorPic 4.0 This color picker comes with a magnifier that allows you to pick a color on a high resolution monitor. What used to be an impossible task is made easy using this software.

5.) Magnifier 3.0 Very easy to use, the Magnifier 3.0 is a very helpful tool that allows you to take a closer look at the details of a photo. It is very simple to use and it functions on different programs. It also has an overlay grid and zoom factor that is adjustable for maximum efficiency.

6.) Easy Thumbnails 2.91 Using this software, you can now create scaled copies and thumbnails of any images you want. With this tool, you can process images whether in groups or individually. You can also adjust the different attributes of a photo.

7.) FastStone Photo Resizer 1.4 Do you have a digital camera? Do you find it hard to crop, add text, rename, resize, or convert your photos? If so, this software makes all these tasks very easy. This application supports GIF, BMP, JPEG, and many other graphic formats.

8.) ImageDiff 1.0.1 This tool compares images pixel by pixel. At the same time, this software has the capacity to calculate the differences of one image from another.

9.) IrfanView 4 This compact image converter and viewer support multiple editing. It has the capacity to convert images from different graphic formats to another.

10.) Inkscape 0.45 This technical drawing software is a vector graphics editor that has similar functions as that of Freehand, Xara, CorelDraw, or Illustrator. It support features such as gradients, alpha blending, shapes, text, paths, markers, clones, grouping, and patterns.

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