What is Caricature?

Many of you may be wondering “what is caricature?” Caricatures are drawings of people showing their features in a simplified or exaggerated way. They are often known as “big head” or “big head and small body” drawings. Caricature enables the artist to accentuate what makes the person unique. It captures the personality, attitude, and essence of a person which portrait cannot do. Various mediums are used to create caricature. This ranges from pen and ink, marker, pencil, paint, to digital painting or drawing. I personally use a brush pen and Prismacolour Art Stix for colouring. I like the flexibility of the brush pen and its ease of use when creating different line weights which makes for great line quality!

Live caricature is a fun way for guests to come together and share much laughter allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the moment! What makes it so unique is that it is a form of entertainment which doubles as a personalized party favour for guests! This means a lot of time and money saved on putting together party favours. Guests will not only be thoroughly entertained by the artist but they will get to take home a special one-of-a-kind personalized gift!

Caricature is such a unique art form because the essence of the person is translated by the artist into the drawing. Artists have their own style and way of drawing the guest. Some are extremely ruthless in their portrayal of the person and some are so stylized and focused on aesthetics to the point where the drawing does not look like the person. Amy has a style that is a perfect balance of the two. She will capture what makes you unique without simply drawing a portrait of you.

Caricatures are not just exclusive to overpriced theme parks! Contact Amy today and everyone will surely be gushing about the unique entertainment you had at your event! Or, if you need a special gift idea then Amy also does custom commissioned caricatures which will knock their socks off!